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Welcome to Law and Loans

Welcome to Law and Loans, your guide to all kind of loans, and different lawyer firms in the US.

You can also search for any judgements given by an US judge in an US court, by using the court case search tab given below. Moreover, we also have an android app for the service, which lawyers might find to be very useful. It’s a free app, with free service, supported by advertising. Please find the link lower down below, to download it from Google play store.

Legal Guidance and Legal Help

Choosing a lawyer or an attorney firm is a very important decision, and quite few factors needs to be weighed before you decide on your lawyer firm. Moreover, each attorney firm, or lawyer, generally specializes in a particular line of lawsuits. For example, some firms are better with auto accident claims, some in mortgage settlements, while some in maritime lawsuits. Below we list guide on getting a lawyer firm in your area for most common purposes like personal injury/disability claims or auto accident claims. Please send your feedback on the sections, share them, and do let us know if you would like insights on other legal areas as well. We have also added a section of IRS tax debt relief, which is actually more of an accountant’s domain, than of a lawyer, but there are tax lawyers as well, who specialize on the field, and who can definitely help you.

Loans and Advances

We all take loans in various stages of our lives, building our credit records and credit scores on the way. For any loan, before accepting, multiple factors needs to evaluated, based on specific parameters. We have penned an exhaustive section on different kinds of loans that you may be under, or you may be thinking of applying for, and how you can benefit from them, and get the best possible rates for them. We have covered multiple areas like personal loans, mortgage, FHA, VA loans, student loans, business loans and even consolidation ones. Just click below and check the section, and get valuable information and guide, to attain a bring financial future, and to build a financial discipline. Definitely check the section on increasing your credit score, as it is the single most important thing in accessing loans at best rates.

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