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Date: 9th January, 2023

Free Law Cases and Loan Advice Resource for the US

Welcome to, you free resource to search for any US court judgment, tips on how to select your lawyer, advice on loans and how to get the best deals, and how to maintain a healthy financial discipline and increase the credit score.

L&L is an initiative to help the US citizens to help in financial ways, in the areas of taking loans and legal help. It has two major sections, namely Legal and Loans.

In the section of Loans, it covers all types of common loans, their advantages and disadvantages, which loans to avoid and which ones to take, how to save money by choosing a particular loan type over another, how to develop a healthy credit rating, and even knowledge on IRS tax relief program.

In the section of law, a person can search for court judgments pertaining to their interest, to have knowledge on how a case may be judged, before becoming involved in the legal battle. It also contains valuable advice on how to choose a lawyer or an attorney firm, how to estimate the costs, and time. The possible outcome may also be judged by downloading and reading the different judgments on similar subject lines.

The Android app of the resource can be found here.

The web resource can be found at

We hereby request you to cover this resource after surfing through its pages, and bring the same to the notice of your users, so that they can benefit from the same.

Surjendu Ghanty

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